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Nice article on Unit Test

Recently we came across situation where we are using session in the controller’s action and we have to write unit test case for that action. Here is nice article which describe different approaches to write test case for this scenario … Continue reading

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ExecuteCore() method in base controller is not firing in the MVC 4 RC

Generally we use BaseController in MVC which is inherited by all other controllers. In BaseController, We write  common code which can be used in the all pages e.g. setting the language in the current thread for multilingual site. One of … Continue reading

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MVC Seperation of concerns. Different aspects of the application can be divided into Model, View and Controller. 1) SEO friendly URL by design 2) Clean View Markup (no additional HTML emitted)3) Faster than traditional ASP.NET (by default because of lack … Continue reading

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Razor Syntax Intellisense issue with Visual Studio 2010

Here is some solutions if you are facing Intellisense issue of Razor Syntax in visual studio 2010. 1) Install/Repair “ASP.NET Web Pages with Razor Syntax” from here 2) Add below tag under <appSettings> section of  your web.config file. For MVC4 <add key=”webpages:Version” … Continue reading

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Installing MVC3 after MVC4 installation

Recently, I came across one issue during  installation of MVC3 in my machine. As per new project requirement, I have to work in MVC4 RC. Due to some issue, I was not able to install visual studio 2010 service pack 1 … Continue reading

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