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Copy text to clipboard using javascript

Copy & Paste is most common function used among web users. It’s simple in web environment to select text and copy text to clipboard using Ctrl C key but sometimes we may have long text/content in the page which may … Continue reading

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Nice article on Unit Test

Recently we came across situation where we are using session in the controller’s action and we have to write unit test case for that action. Here is nice article which describe different approaches to write test case for this scenario … Continue reading

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In Oracle there is no support for Identity column which we have in SQL. You have to use Sequence to achieve the same functionality in Oracle. When we develop the MVC application with Entity Framework which is multi DB supported … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2008 – Not able to see my SQL instance in network

I have SQL 2008 Server Express installed on my machine But It was not discoverable in network and this was preventing me to access my sql server instance from another pc. After goggling I came to know this was because … Continue reading

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Recently we came across one scenario in our project where we have to decide best option to store spreadsheet data in the database. we have finalized four options and out of those options one is to store the data in … Continue reading

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Pivoting in SQL

This post has good example of using PIVOT to get the row data in column format. Here is example created by taking reference of this. create table #table(tid int,tname varchar(10)) create table #column(cid int,tid int,cname varchar(10)) create table #data(tid … Continue reading

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Nuget Package file Issue in visual studio

I have lots of nuget package files added in my current project solution. whenever i was taking get latest of solution, it was taking 5 minutes to ready solution and in the output window, it shows “The item ….. is … Continue reading

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Permanently store username and password of TFS in your PC

It was too boring to enter username and password of TFS every time when I want to connect my project to TFS in visual studio (operating system – windows 7).¬† I was not aware how to store this credential information … Continue reading

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Microsoft .NET C# Naming Convention

In my recent project, Everything went smooth but at the end of the project when we delivered code to client, We got comment from client on naming convention. In code, at few places naming convention for .NET C# coding was … Continue reading

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ExecuteCore() method in base controller is not firing in the MVC 4 RC

Generally we use BaseController in MVC which is inherited by all other controllers. In BaseController, We write¬† common code which can be used in the all pages e.g. setting the language in the current thread for multilingual site. One of … Continue reading

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